Dig out the foam. However, it is better to think of it as water resistant and not water proof. Boston Whaler boats also remain afloat when completely swamped (full of water). Boston Whaler uses closed cell foam in each of its boat models. It is waterlogged, and I would like to fix it. WhalerCentral is dedicated to the exchange of Boston Whaler related information and photos. Since then I have had the job of removing the foam from under the floor on a few. BWs, like other brands, can take on many hundreds of pounds of water that will slow the boat down and create other problems like rotten transoms and other wood parts. Foam crossmembers 3 on 17 ... 2 on 13 Put the floor back. Glass it in. Microscopic examination of formerly waterlogged foam and never-waterlogged foam shows it looks much the same. Glass in a few paper rope stiffeners. Today, this "unsinkable" attribute is not exclusive to Boston Whalers. ... and then wet-sanding with a 500 or even 600-grit sandpaper before attempting to buff. This means it does not readily absorb water. ... As wet foam freezes the trapped water expands breaking air cells in the foam and allowing water to travel. If you have access to a DA (dual action) sander, 240-grit and 600 should work fine before buffing. Problem 1- Boston Whaler used open-cell foam that is well known for soaking up water. It has a variety of seating configurations and options to best suit fishing, watersports, cruising, lounging and beyond. New features on the 130 Super Sport include lockable front-of-console storage, aft swim platforms, and a rear-accent hull color. The foam in the sides is normally ok. Just cut out the floor leaving about 50 mm all round. The foam, if allowed to stay water logged for a long period will deteriorate and the hull might not be salvageable. These boats also remain floating when the completely fill with water and become swamped. Thanks. the local dealer wants to charge thousands of dollars, but I am wondering if it is a project I could take on myself. how hard would it be to replace the foam flotation in a 14' Boston Whaler from 1982? Boston Whaler boats are made with a special foam core construction. Due to the foam core construction, the Whaler will remain afloat when sawed completely in half. I suspect the foam with water in it has suffered some break down of the cell walls, but it is not a black and white distinction. It needs to be thoroughly dried out then any holes or cracks repaired. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 15, 2015. Boston Whaler likely does not use foam poured into molds but foam blocks machined with a 5 axis CNC Router. The Density required these days by the USCG is 4# per cu. Easy to detect this problem, not so easy to fix. If the 4.7 is anything like the 5.2, you'll get your money's worth unless you turn it into a complete restoration to 'like new' project. Sep 29, 2020 - The foam in a Boston Whaler is a closed cell type foam and always has been. So it remains unsinkable. The foam keeps them afloat even when the boat is sewn in half and takes on water. I picked up a real nice 2003 stumpnocker 4 tiller layout cheap which is the 18' modified v entry with planing pads in the rear. There is a notion that the closed cells of the foam in Whalers are 100 percent closed, but that is not true. ft. for floatation but structural areas are likely 8-16 pounds. Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. If there is a breach in the hull the foam will absorb water over time and … Continue reading – Removing Water from a Boston Whaler Hull – Foam Waterlogged → Re: Boston Whaler Restoration Water in the hull (foam) can be a big problem on these hulls because they rely on it for structural strength and there's a great deal of it. 1,093 Posts . However, to see if that is even worthwhile doing, it should be inspected by a trained Boston Whaler service, preferably at a reputable marina or boat brokerage. Because of these attributes, Boston Whaler's trademarked sales line is "the unsinkable legend."

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